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Braden & Tucci DUI

Legal Articles

DUI Defense
If your B.A.C. is over .08% or greater in California, it is illegal to drive. If you are pulled over by the police you will be arrested for drunk driving or commonly known as a DUI…
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Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana
In California, the laws on medical marijuana are sometimes difficult to understand. Having an attorney that is up-to-date with the laws is a critical choice you will make…
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Sex Crimes
Sex Crimes
Being accused of a sex crime can not only affect your personal life, but have adverse effects on your professional life. Getting the proper representation is the most...
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Featured Law Firms

Sherman & Sherman Sherman & Sherman Law »
Sherman & Sherman Law is one of the leading Federal criminal defense firms in Los Angeles. Over the last 60 years, they have successfully defended all types of cases, including: money laundering, drug crimes, tax fraud, customs violations as well as federal and state sentencing.
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Ruane Attorneys Ruane Attorneys »
Connecticut criminal defense firm Ruane Attorneys have been focused on 4 areas of practice since 2001. They are dedicated to DUI defense, drug possession defense, domestic violence and juvenile defense. The dedicated lawyers at Ruane Attorneys specialize in each of these areas giving you and your loved ones the best defense possible in the state of Connecticut.
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Top Defense Fullerton Law Offices of Robert J. Hickey »
Located in Fullerton, California, the Law Offices of Robert J. Hickey have been serving the people in Orange County for over 15 years. Robert Hickey can handle any criminal defense case from DUI and drug possession to vandalism and domestic violence. His firm has vast knowledge of the local court system and personal experience with prosecutors and judges.
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Seeney Merrigan Boston Sweeney Merrigan Law Firm »
Handling both criminal defense and personal injury cases, Sweeney Merrigan Law has defended clients from all over the state of Massachusetts. Located in Boston, they have developed a solid reputation for winning cases and giving their clients a level of personal attention that larger firms cannot provide.
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Chanco Law Atlanta Chanco Law »
Former Fulton County Prosecutor, Douglas B. Chanco, has been successfully fighting for his clients in Atlanta, Georgia. For the last several years, his practice has handled a variety of criminal cases including DUI throughout the state of Georgia.
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Finding the right criminal defense attorney to represent you lawyer that is right for you. Criminal attorneys often handle many different types of criminal law cases, so be sure to ask what their experience is with your specific type of case. We have lawyers from every state, including DUI Defense Attorneys in California and Orange County DUI Lawyers. Search our database for defense attorneys, criminal lawyers or private investigators.

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